"Spiti Georgia is not a house, or a place....it is a wonderful state of mind" - AB, Largs

"This place makes me so happy...thank you...so beautiful, spiritual and so very special."- AR, Kent

"Dear Ali and Pop, sharing your tranquil home and this STUNNING island has been awesome" - AW, Wales

"I fell asleep with the shutters open after star gazing, I feel so at home here" - BS, Brighton

"We had an amazing stay here again, thank you for sharing your lovely Greek home " AP, Carlisle

"Nowhere on our travels throughout the world as crew have we ever been to anywhere so gorgeous" KC, Manchester

"Absolutely out of this world" - DW, Cardiff

"Anna taught us Greek dancing that took us out into the street" - SD, Crawley

"This has been my 4th visit to Spiti Georgia, and I never dreamt it could get any better....but it has" - AW, Cardiff

"Thank you so much Pop and Ali, we have LOVED every second here on PAROSDISE" - NW, Cardiff

"When I write these lines, I do so with a crying eye, as I must now leave this beautiful house" - AK, Athens

"Thank you to you both for such a lovely relaxing holiday" -BB, Skelmorlie

"Lazy, hazy days, good food, great friends, stars and moonlight nights. I adore coming here" - Mamma, Brighton

"I have just arrived, threw open the shutters, took my watch off, switched off my phone and poured a large glass of chilled wine...Bliss" - AB, Paros/Hove

"I am truly blessed to have spent 13 days here, God Bless" - FW, Cardiff

"Our 3rd stay, and our longest...heaven!. Whatever you think of Mykonos or Santorini...Paros will always be our favourite" - AS, Devon

"Your wonderful balcony view was totally worth the trip from Australia!" - GB, Perth.

"There are very few places that have such an impact that you know the memories will remain vividly forever" - RC, Gatwick

"The mention of Spiti Georgia will always bring a lump in my throat  and a tear of happiness to my eyes" - RC, Gatwick

"Thank you for sharing your "wee bit of paradise"....Crawley seems a world away" - AF, Crawley

"This is like stepping back in time, before the rest of the world went mad" -KB, Crawley

"Thank you for the warmest welcome to this gorgeous house and beautiful island" - ST, Hove

"We have had a magical time here embracing the local life" - EE, London

"I love this place and what you both have created with such care and beauty" - CH, London

"P = Peaceful A = Amazing R = Relaxing O = Oh so special S = Serene" - JR, Scotland

"You have been so attentive and have thought of everything to make our stay absolutely perfect" -SM, Hove

"We have loved being here, being with you, eating out and having a ball" - TS, UK

"Thank you for introducing me to this magical place, it is everything you promised it would be, and more." - RR, Amsterdam

"Thank you so much Ali and Pop, I'm not sure I want to tell everyone how fantastic this trip was" - AB, Scotland

"Wow....what a place this is; no hassle, no drama, no rules and regulations" - KB, Crawley

"I love the way it is, I love the way it stays, I can SEE it all, and you can't take that away from me, no you can't take that away from me...My home from home" - Mamma, Brighton

"Leave the grey nonsense behind, leave the manic M25 and the gritty rat race, leave the long faces and the drab colours....pack your little bag, sail on the big blue, and come visit the serenity of Paros....Grab the future, run and smile" - AB, Paros

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