Getting to Paros (from the UK) : 

Paros does not have an international airport (It does have a new modern domestic airport). After the madness of Heathrow and Gatwick, we love this as it keeps the island a little bit more remote than the other nearby islands. This means you need to fly to Athens or an island nearby and make a small hop over to is actually very easy to do, so please do not let this put you off.

There are 2 flights a day from LGW to Athens, Mykonos or Santorini with Easyjet From here you can easily catch ferries to Paros. A ferry from Mykonos to Paros takes 45 mins, from Santorini 90 mins and from Athens 2- 4 hrs.

I use this site for ferry info and local info: 

You can also fly from LHR to ATH or Mykonos or Santorini using BA or Aegean Airlines.

If you fly in to ATH, you can connect to Paros (PAS) using Olympic. There are approx 6 flights from ATH-PAS a day and these take about 20 mins.

Here is the site: .

In addition to Olympic Airlines a new company called Sky Express have started flying from LHR to Athens and on to Paros and vice versa: 

Sky Express fly on to Paros approx 6 times a day during summer, making a total of approx 12 flights a day from Athens to Paros during the summer months.

For all of our Scottish friends, you can now fly from Edinburgh to Athens directly on easyJet. From Athens you can easily connect to Paros via a short flight or a ferry as per above.

Update: Aegean Airlines also fly from Edinburgh to Paros, Manchester to Paros and also London (LHR) to Paros: 

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